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Welcome to the North Cornwall Newsletter.        July 2006

July means carnival season in North Cornwall.

This month sees North Cornwall become a hive of activity has towns and villages throughout the borough prepare for the carnival season. The website group thisisnorthcornwall  have promoted and supported the carnivals of North Cornwall for several years either by entering floats or sponsoring adverts e.t.c. but this year we will be unable to enter a float so instead we are going to be sponsoring a trophy for the best Carnival Float in North Cornwall and to that end we require your assistance:


At the end of the carnival season we will post a shortlist of the top three floats from each Carnival Parade and we want you to tell us the name of:

  • Your favourite float from the shortlist
  • The carnival you attended
  • whether you are a local or a visitor


Click here to find out more.


For a full list of carnivals this season please visit and if we have missed out any please let us know a.s.a.p.


We have been pleased to receive a lot of correct entries  for the June  "Where am I" competition.  I am glad that so many of you know our corner of the planet so well.  Our monthly competition can be found at the foot of the newsletter including last month's winner. We also launched a new competition last month, so have a go never could win £5000 cash.


We also have a proper Cornish recipe for you to try out.


We have also started a new feature called THE ANONYMOUS DINER.....were each month we review a restaurant, cafe or take away for service quality and presentation. This honest and unbiased review will be by done by a time served chef who has had many years of first hand experience in the holiday catering trade in North Cornwall. We cannot tell you whom of course or they would not be anonymous, but food outlets in North Cornwall will know they have been visited when they read T A D's report.


Please note that there will be no August issue of N.C.N. because I am off to the beach. No not really, it is just the busiest time for me. Have a brilliant summer and I will see you in September.


Bowithick could become another costly mistake.

Bowithick could become another costly mistake.
Please click here to read the letters that were published in "Your Parish" and "The Delabole Slate" magazines.

If you think Bowithick Amenity Tip should remain open and have not yet written, please do so and address your letters to either

Mr. David Owens. Waste Manager, or to

Mr. Adam Paynter (Enviroment and Heritage Portfolio Holder)

New County Hall, Truro, TR1 SAY.


North Cornwall Arts Summer 06

North Cornwall Arts have quite an extensive programme for the summer season of 2006 and full details can be found at



Music in North Cornwall                                   What's On


Dante Summer Music Festival 6th - 9th July 2006

The internationally acclaimed Dante Quartet returns to Cornwall for a Bohemian weekend of chamber and folk music concerts featuring the music of central Europe.

Thursday 6th July 2006
Dante Quartet and the choir of St Joseph's School, Launceston
Tickets £8 (including glass of wine) £4 for children

Friday 7th July 2006
Dante Quartet
Tickets £6/£4 children

Friday 7th July 2006
Folk music/dancing with The Golliards
Tickets £10 (including supper) /£5 children

Saturday 8th July 2006
Art and Music workshop for children
Dante Quartet with Nigel and Annette Edwards
Tickets £2

Saturday 8th July 2006
Dante Quartet with pianist Yolande Wrigley
Tickets £10 (including supper and wine) £7 concert only

Saturday 8th July 2006
Late night junction cabaret evening with the Dante Quartet
Tickets £6 (or £15 for both Minstrels Centre events including supper)

Sunday 9th July 2006
Dante Quartet with Robin Ireland
Tickets £9/£7 (children £4) including cream tea.
Festival Box Office-Cherry Warned 566 772701







Inner Truth


"Inner Truth" is an album and work in progress that has the purpose to reach the hearts and minds of man at a fundamental level.

The mythological lines of humanity have been used down the centuries to deliver hope and truth. “Inner truth” as an Album draws deeply on those waters but at the same time skips gently across them with a lightness that is needed in today’s world.

In compiling this album and its tracks we have been helped and inspired by some of the greatest artists and philosophers of the ages. We thank all of them and acknowledge all of them for their help. In particular we acknowledge the extraordinary painting and sculpture of Ted Stourton without whose inspiration this album would never have happened.

The title track Inner Truth was specifically written to be listened to while walking round or looking at Stourton’s “Ripples of Peace” sculpture.

For full details of what's happening at Camelot these days click here



Jon Cleave, Bill Hawkins and Mick Dolan have spent much of the last three years investing time and energy on a musical project that they  hope will be loved by anyone who loves Port Isaac. The album was conceived, created and recorded entirely in the village of Port Isaac. The album is available from the Port Isaac Pottery, Port Isaac post office and the Eden Project.


The Frenzy released their first ever official EP "Watching The Shadows", on Monday 13th February 2006. The Frenzy are a three piece rock band from St Tudy in North Cornwall. Their music is a vibrant and intoxicating blend of rock, indie pop, and punk, with some songs moving into more alternative realms but still appealing to a wide audience. To get your hands on a copy visit Lugg's Garage at Delabole or the Village shop at St Tudy.


Cool Kernow have released the final version of the album "On Thin Ice".  This completely instrumental album as an original approach that runs through all the tracks. You are advised to listen to this album with a bit of volume to hear all of the subtleties. Visit Cool Kernow website to listen to tracks for free.


  Win real cash prizes in our 2006 Competitions



Craig's Music                                                   Tel: 01208 77744

Craig's music for all your musical needs. Sales service and repair service. We offer pretty much anything a musician could possibly require.

Always contact us before you buy elsewhere, you will be surprised at the great deals we can offer !!!







Vote for a Float 2006                                     Events 2006

This year will be giving an award for the best Carnival Float in North Cornwall and to that end they require your assistance:

At the end of the carnival season they will post a shortlist of the top three floats from each Carnival Parade and they want you to tell them the name of:

  • Your favourite float from the shortlist
  • The carnival you attended
  • whether your a local or a visitor


Click here to find out more



Food in North Cornwall                  Delabole has its cake and eats it!

There is a very diverse range of fresh, locally produced food available in North Cornwall. You will be amazed at what can be sourced locally when you have a look around. We recommend that you buy from local producers whenever possible. It is good for the local economy and good for your health too!

Emily Jane's hand made cakes, pastries and desserts.


Emily Jane Calloway has lived in Delabole all her life and so have her family.  Emily started to cook at the tender age of three when she helped her granny and since then has gone on to bake more and more. Emily attended college and gained a G.N.V.Q. in hospitality and catering and also managed a successful Port Isaac cafe, before deciding at the tender age of Twenty, to start her own business.

Emily now runs her own small cake shop in the centre of Delabole.


Everything is baked fresh on the premises from scratch, using the finest Cornish ingredients where ever possible.

Hand crafted cakes to meet individual needs with each cake being created to your particular requirements.

Emily Jane's bake all sorts of goodies from scrumptious Cornish thick biscuits to sumptuous wedding cakes.

Some of the items that Emily bakes include:

Fresh bread baked daily.

Cornish Thick Biscuits

Cornish Saffron Cakes

Yeast Buns

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Éclairs


Meringue Roulades

Sausage Rolls

Cornish Egg & Bacon Rounders

Hand Decorated Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes


All our products are freshly prepared and baked daily.

Emily Jane's can be found at: 67 High Street , Delabole , North Cornwall

and can be contacted by phone on 01840 213088.

Orders now being taken for our traditional Christmas Fayre


How to make saffron cake:
Saffron cake is a well known delicacy in Cornwall. Saffron is usually sold in drachms (one eighth of an ounce) and 1/2 drachms (one sixteenth of an ounce) and is very expensive, hence the old Cornish saying "as dear as saffron". Apparently the Phoenicians brought saffron over with them when they came to trade for tin. Cornwall is one of the only places where saffron is used in this way.


1lb plain flour
6oz butter, margarine or lard
6oz sugar
6oz currants, sultanas
1 1/2 oz of mixed, diced, candied peel (lemon or orange)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1oz yeast or 1 sachet of dried yeast
1 drachm saffron
warm milk and water to mix


Overnight put saffron to infuse by snipping the strands and cover with half a cup of boiling water and a small pinch of salt. Cover with a saucer. Put yeast into cup with a teaspoon of sugar and add half a cup of warm milk and water - not too hot but more than tepid so as not to kill the yeast. Rub fat into the flour then add sugar and mix together. When the yeast has risen in the cup, make a pit in the centre of the flour and sugar mix and pour in the yeast, covering with a sprinkle of flour (this keeps the temperature constant). When this cracks and the yeast sponges through, warm the previously steeped saffron mixture a little and add together with fruit and peel and start combining all the ingredients together adding extra liquid as you go until the whole thing makes a soft dough without being too sticky. Cover this with a clean tea-towel and leave in a warm (not too hot) place to rise. This takes between 30-45 minutes. Put into greased loaf tins, cover and leave to rise again until the mixture is level with the top of the tin. Bake in a moderate oven (180 degrees centigrade) for 3/4 - 1 hour. Leave to cool on a wire rack.            Then eat the cake.........................




The Anonymous Diner                             Food in North Cornwall

Outlet type:   Restaurant

Location:  Longcross Hotel and Gardens


                         Port Isaac


Service: Good

Presentation: Very  Good

Value for money: Good


We chose to dine al fresco on the newly constructed, wood and glass walled terrace. This turned out to be a good choice has we were able to watch the sunset over Moules and Port Quin has we dined.

For starters I chose the crayfish tail and white crab meat has did my companion for the evening. I have to award a 9 out of 10 for this starter, purely on the basis that there was not more of it. But for taste , texture and presentation it was excellent.

For the main course we both chose the roasted black bream in a sweet mango chilli sauce, but unfortunately there was only one bream left so I opted for the roasted cod loin in a cherry tomato and cream sauce, and how lucky was I .... the cod was cooked to perfection and the sauce that accompanied the fish was so more-ish that I dipped all the surplus new potatoes into it. The new potatoes were lovely and the courgettes and squash were o.k.. the only thing that let the side down were the mange tout, they were a bit stringy.

My companion reported that the black bream was lovely and after consuming a small mouthful I had to agree that it was very nice, but the roasted cod loin was definitely the superior dish.

My companion and myself opted to skip the dessert has we were both

quite full from our main course.


Compliments to the Chef from T A D


Overall Rating:   9 out of 10



Important announcement.

If you really want to be ripped off, try the smugglers rest fish and chip shop in Delabole.

I made the mistake of stopping there for a piece of cod, on my way through to Polzeath the other day.

I was charged £2.55p for a portion of cod, which is fair enough, but what I received barely resembled fish and came in three small pieces that I estimated weighed maybe 4 ounces including batter. The lady who served me assured me that it was the required amount of 6oz, but I happen to know that there is no such law. Portion control is down to the owner.......You either serve tight portions or not.

Maybe it was because I was dressed a bit like an 'emmit?????


The good news is that it will be changing hands shortly, so maybe the folk of Delabole might get a decent portion.

In the meantime can I recommend the Y.Q. in Tintagel.

The fish portions are an average of 8 to 10 ounces, and the chips are made from fresh potatoes, not those frozen sticks of rubbery mash that a lot of lazy daisies have adopted.

A real deal for a take away meal. Proper Job! Bob.


See you next time.





Website Design                                              Website Focus

Website Design.
Nowadays, it seems like everyone is a website designer. For the most part, they tend to fall into a couple of categories. There are those individuals who have picked up some basic HTML knowledge or the dabbling graphic designer, but understanding how to design and build a website that is user friendly and search engine friendly, quick to load,  and visible across different browsers and platforms takes a little more than meets the eye. Aside from just being ugly, amateur sites are actually dangerous for your business. Online studies show that websites are 60-80% less likely to browse sites that have unprofessional designs with poor navigation and webbots will find web pages with bad html code or missing tags or even no tags at all, hard to navigate and index, which in turn makes your site even harder to find.

Kestrel Solutions are a North Cornwall based web design and hosting service that offer cost effective internet solutions. A good design will enforce a positive image of your business before the customer even contacts you, and at our competitive rates it won't break the bank! You have the added benefit of us being close at hand should you need us.


We provide domain name registration and hosting packages that you will find very hard to beat.

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Monthly Moment

I was down in Cardinham woods the other week doing a spot of clay pigeon shooting with a group of like minded sorts. It was during that really hot week at the beginning of June. A very humid day. We had finished shooting the clays for the day and had agreed to go to a local ale house a short distance from our location. The others in my party set off ahead of me whilst I took an  incoming call on my mobile phone. Conversation over, I proceeded to walk through the woods to our pre agreed destination. I had not gone very far when I came across a very attractive young woman, standing in the foot path, absolutely stark naked.

Well what was I to do. So, I asked her if she was game......she replied that she I shot her.


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Sew and Sew                                       Telephone: 0776 0115329

Bespoke curtains & blinds ¤ Cushion covers
Dressmaking ¤ Alterations ¤ Repairs ¤ Loose covers. For a no obligation quote contact sew and sew with your requirements:

E-mail:   Sew and Sew 


Where  in North Cornwall am I ?       July 2006

Where am I this Month ????? July 2006Each issue we display an image of a location that is somewhere in North Cornwall.


To the left is the July image...

So !!  Where am I ??


The task is to identify the location and then e-mail your answer to us using the e-mail link below:


E-mail your answer to: 


If you are really stuck then e-mail us at the above e-mail address and we will send you a clue!!!


The first correct entry  drawn out of the hat will win a prize.




We have had a lot of correct entries to the June "Where am I" competition.


The location was none other than the The Betjemen Centre in Wadebridge


The first name out of the hat with the correct answer for June was:-


Colin Young of St Eval


Well done Colin,  you will receive ten pounds in the very near future.


To everyone else who guessed correctly, and to everyone of you who tried, but guessed incorrectly, B.L.N.T.

Do try again this month....You have to be in to win.


N.B.  Please include your name and full postal address or we will be unable to enter you into the hat. Entries must be received by the 25th of the relevant month.


Click and Win .............Have a go! You never know!


Win a Holiday or £5000 cash......You Choose.








Click and Win .............Have a go! You never know!


Win real cash prizes in our 2006 Competitions


If you wish to submit an article for publication please send your copy together with your name and address to us using the e-mail link below.