This edition of the quarterly newsletter sees the return of a couple of old favourites. The anonymous diner is back and dining in style and the, " where am I?" competition will test your local knowledge.

We also have a more in depth quiz for you to get your teeth into..

Free Parking

If you are a regular visitor to Camelford then you will be aware of the parking issue. You will be pleased to hear that free parking has been reinstated for a trial period in the towns central car park. Local Traders are already reporting an increase in business. If you are a business owner in Camelford we would like to hear from you. Has the free parking helped increase your trade or not. Just click below to e-mail us. Free Parking

Summer Kids

Kids need something to do in the summer holidays.  Go Here for a few suggestions if you do not want to hit the beach.

Did you know ?

If you do not wear sunglasses your body produces more Melatonin, thus giving a deeper natural suntan. Apparently the eyes regulate the production of Melatonin based on the amount of light that is present, so if you wear sunglasses, you decrease your natural protection.. please remember to wear sun lotion too.

Seamstress Service

Bespoke curtains & blinds ¤ Cushion covers
Dressmaking ¤ Alterations ¤ Repairs ¤ Loose covers. For a no obligation quote contact sew and sew with your requirements:

E-mail:   Sew and Sew 

Website:  sewandsew 

Tel:  0776 0115329

                                                               Summer in North Cornwall


Weather-wise things have been really promising so far this summer and I am sure that this short moist spell is just a temporary glitch in what will turn into a long hot summer.... There have been some absolutely stunning sunsets recently, images of which will be posted online shortly, but to wet the appetite  CLICK HERE  to view a short time lapse of the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean under a moody sky.


                                                               Music in North Cornwall

It is time to get out and enjoy some of the outdoor music events that North Cornwall has on offer this summer.


Colliford Lake Park have a Music Festival in July.  For more info  go here.


Lanhydrock Festival (Saturday 14 July 2007)  will be the greatest musical event ever held at Lanhydrock, North Cornwall's premier musical venue, with internationally famous artists and some of the hottest bands in Cornwall. An amazing line up this year with The Wailers, Levellers, Wire Daisies, Zambula and Men of Splendor. Come and enjoy an afternoon and evening of musical delight topped off by a fantastic firework display. Gates open at 1pm. 2.40pm - 10.45.


Camelford also has a forthcoming rock event at Camelford FC's new ground, Trefrew Park, on Friday 27th July.
The Bohemians. a TOP QUEEN TRIBUTE BAND will be live on stage
Plus Top local entertainer MICHELLE PLUESS and the inimitable JOHNNY COWLING. There will also be celebration Fireworks to light up the skies after the last track to bring the evening to a memorable conclusion.

For more events go here.


                                                               A Summer conundrum

When does Summer begin and end ?

I am confused. If the summer solstice marks the first day of the season of summer, which this year  falls on the 21st June 2007 and Midsummer Day is June 24 (each year).  Does that mean the British summer is only 7 days long ? .....or....  is it from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October as this is known as British Summer Time when the UK moves its clocks forward from Greenwich Mean Time by one hour.


                                                               Website Design and Hosting

Kestrel Solutions are a North Cornwall based web design and hosting service that offer cost effective internet solutions.

We provide domain name registration and hosting packages that you will find hard to beat.

For more information visit our website.

E-mail:   info@kestrelsolutions.co.uk

Website : www.kestrelsolutions.co.uk     


Only for North Cornwall Websites.

If you have your own website and you want more traffic then don't waste anymore money.  Go here for cost effective advertising solutions that beats pay per click hands down and will promote your website to the right audience.



                                                               Art in North Cornwall

There are many fine exhibitions of local artists work to view. Currently the work of the artist Renate Forsyth is on display at The Camelford Gallery (located opposite the Library in the centre of Camelford) and comes to an end on Tuesday the 3rd of July 2007. Below is a current event list for the gallery.


Saturday 16th June - Tuesday 3rd July
Paintings & Paper Sculptures

Saturday 7th July - Tuesday 24th
painters & Sculptors working under
the tutelage of Carol Vincent

Saturday 28th July - Tuesday 22nd August
Paintings Drawings Sculptor Ceramics

Saturday 26th Aug - Tues 11th September
All Women Group of Painters & Sculptors


Do you have an exhibition that you wish to promote.

Then e-mail the details to us.





                                                               Food in North Cornwall

I absolutely adore white crab meat and this recipe for crab salad is a winner as a summer starter. Clean and light, and full of flavour. By the way, if you are going to kill and prep your own crabs then place the crabs in your deep freeze before putting them in the pot they will fall asleep and feel nothing when they hit the boiling water.


White Crab and Crayfish salad
Serves 4

or 1 if I make it.


600g white crab meat

200g crayfish meat

a cucumber

 some mixed salad leaves

a handful of watercress
and 200ml of malt vinegar


(blend)1 lime
200ml extra virgin olive oil
50ml white wine vinegar
50ml mayonnaise with pepper cress leaves (blend)
Sea salt and black pepper


Thinly slice the cucumber and place it in the malt vinegar for a few minutes.
Arrange a nest of dressed salad leaves on each plate.
Place the pickled cucumber on top of the salad leaves.
Mix the white crab and crayfish meat then place in a pile over the cucumber and add the mayonnaise, lemon and drizzle with the (blend) dressing.


Serve with warm crusty bread and butter. Yummy.


Local Crab suppliers can be found at Widemouth, Bude, Padstow and Port Isaac to name a few places, so there is no excuse. And yes it is not the cheapest meat but "mmmmm!" so worth it.


If your looking for fresh crab and crayfish try these vendors:


Dennis Knight  Rock


John Collins Port Isaac


Shane Wilkins  Widemouth Bay


By the way, Crayfish are American in origin and should be consumed when ever possible has they are destroying our riverbanks and slowly over taking our native species, which I might add are only half the size of their American counterparts. Crayfish resembles lobster in taste,  just not so fishy. So if you have never tried it then now's the time to give it a go.



                                                               The Anonymous Diner

Photo from the terrace at  Camelot June 07Irina's Restaurant

Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel

PL34 0DQ
Tel: 01840 770202
Irina's Restaurant 

The Camelot Castle Hotel at Tintagel has been transformed  and the moment you enter this magnificent building you can feel Camelot's influence. The Hotel itself is a stunning building in it's own right, but the transformation within lies at the heart of this unique location.  John and Irina Mappin together with Ted Stourton, have pulled out all the stops to provide guests with an experience that you will definitely remember.


When we chose to dine at Irina's Restaurant, it was a still and balmy, early June evening. The sky was ablaze with a fiery sun that was  slowly setting over the Ocean, a plus, as the dining room itself is a magnificent space with stunning views of King Arthur's Castle and the North Cornwall coast from every window. 


On entering the dining room, my companion and I were greeted and seated by attentive and courteous staff who were always on hand but not obtrusive.   The high ceilings, chandeliers, comfortable chairs and a European flavour to the decor,  make the space elegant but homely.  The food was well very presented and very good value for money, in fact the prices, which start from £19.95,  do not reflect the sumptuousness of the food or the surroundings. I can highly recommend  the Swordfish, cooked to perfection and very filling. The head chef,  Bijoy Rakshid,  hails from international hotels of Dubai. He and his 5 star team of chefs bring a Mediterranean feel and flavour to familiar food that is both fresh and exciting. 

My prediction is that Irina's Restaurant at Camelot Castle  may soon be the number 1 destination for food lovers.


Service: Excellent

Presentation:  Excellent

Value for money: Excellent

Overall Rating:   9.5  out of 10 


See you next time.





                                                               North Cornwall Travel

New for 2007.

The website www.north-cornwall-accommodation.com  has launched a brand new service for the tourist sector. The service is aimed at holiday makers who do not have time to search for, or are unable to locate, accommodation in North Cornwall. The sister site is called www.northcornwalltravel.co.uk and allows holiday makers to register there particular accommodation requirements. North Cornwall Travel then source suitable options for the holidaymakers from their extensive database of north Cornwall accommodation providers. There are no fees charged to the accommodation providers for this service.

Now that is refreshing.

If your details are not registered with North Cornwall Travel and you provide holiday accommodation in north Cornwall, then take advantage of this free service. Just e-mail your accommodation name, type, location, and your contact details including your name and phone number to info@north-cornwall-accommodation.com and you will be added to their database, absolutely free of charge.



                                                               Just for Fun


A ladies dishwasher quit working so she called a repairman.  Since she had to go to work the next day, she told the repairman, "I'll leave the key under the mat. Fix the dishwasher, leave the bill on the counter, and I'll mail you a cheque ." "Oh, by the way don't worry about my bulldog Spike. He won't bother you. But, whatever you do, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk to my parrot!" "I REPEAT, DO NOT TALK TO MY PARROT!!!" When the repairman arrived at the ladies house the following day, he discovered the biggest, meanest looking bulldog he had ever seen. But, just as she had said, the dog just lay there on the carpet watching the repairman go about his work. The parrot, however, drove him nuts the whole time with his incessant yelling, cursing and name calling. Finally the repairman couldn't contain himself any longer and yelled, "Shut up, you stupid, ugly bird!" To which the parrot replied, "Get him, Spike!"



A big red bull walks into a bar.

The barman says to the bull, " Hey! There's a drink named after you."

"What?? Barry?" said the bull.



The maths teacher saw that little Johnny wasn't paying attention in
class.  She called on him and said, "Johnny! What are 3 and 21 and 35 and 81?"
Little Johnny quickly replied, ITV1, Shopping channel, History channel and the Cartoon Network!"



                                                               Competition Time.

Below are ten questions and the answers can be found here in North Cornwall. Answer them all correctly and then forward your answers in an e-mail, to  info@northcornwall.org and you will be in with a chance of winning a great prize.


1. What is St Knighton's Kieve?

2. Which town boasts the largest church in Cornwall?

3. Which town was the ancient capital of Cornwall?

4. What is the name of the highest hill in Cornwall?

5. Where is the source of the river Camel?

6. Where is King Arthur's round table supposedly buried?

7. Who built St Petroc's church in Padstow?

8. How many arches where on the original bridge constructed on wool at Wadebridge?

9. What is the name of the rock where, legend says, a hermitage, dedicated to the Holy Trinity and St Michael, once stood?

10. Which North Cornwall hotel was portrayed has an asylum in the 1979 film version of Dracula?







There are three prizes to be won:

1st Prize £50   2nd Prize £25   3rd Prize £10





                                                               Where Am I ?

Where am I   Summer 2007To the left is an image of a location that is somewhere in North Cornwall.

So !!  Where am I ??

The task  is to identify said location and then e-mail your answer to us using the e-mail link below:

E-mail your answer to:   iknow@thisisnorthcornwall.co.uk


If you are really stuck e-mail us at the above e-mail address and we will send you a clue!!!


The first correct entry  drawn out of the hat will win a cash prize.


N.B.  Please include your name and full postal address or we will be unable to enter you into the hat.


Entries must be received by the 25th of August 2007.



                                                               Add your event.

There are many events for the locals and tourists to attend in 2007.

  • The Carnival season kicks off in June

  • Launceston show is on July 19th

  • The Camelford Agricultural Show is on the 8th of August 2007

  • Holsworthy & Stratton show is on August 23rd



Just e-mail the details to info@thisisnorthcornwall.co.uk


Have you used a business or service in North Cornwall. If you have then just

e-mail a description of the experience you have had , be it good or bad,  to us at the address below.

             E-mail: info@northcornwall.org or visit the website.

Remember to include the name of the service and details of the quality of service provided.


We also wish to hear from people who have used any of the accommodation providers in north Cornwall, whether your stay was good or bad, we need to know.  

             E-mail: info@northcornwall.org or visit the website.

Remember to include the name of the accommodation and your opinions has regard the service received.



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